Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is the engine that provides the power to innovation.

It ensures that an idea becomes a reality; from products in the home or garage to the rugged family of products on construction jobsites and infrastructure projects. Operational Excellence means examining every single aspect of bringing a product to market and questioning how to improve the efficiency of even the smallest detail. This is a never-ending commitment by TTI.

We are process driven. The foundation for manufacturing dependable products rests with our detailed, analytical processes that focus on delivering the highest quality products through the most demanding, engineered measurement systems. We are proud of our global culture of never-ending improvement with manufacturing footprints on several continents providing the quality, speed-to-market, efficiency, and flexibility for each geographic market.

We have linked our new product development with operations. We closely examine every detail from design engineering to supply chain logistics in order to eliminate waste and improve productivity. Our operational teams have driven scalability utilizing our resources at a global level and are prepared for the future.