Innovative Products

Innovation is the fuel behind sustainable growth.

TTI is delivering a tidal wave of change in multiple industries with its cordless technology leadership.  Whether power tools, floorcare, or outdoor products, TTI is completely disrupting the way consumers and professionals view these offerings.  The ability to remove petrol and endless, tangled cords from job sites while providing equal power, run times, and portability to areas of use never before possible is a testament to the importance of our relentless attention to innovation, a hallmark of TTI.

We have a great network of “Innovation Centers” teeming with talented engineers, product designers, software programmers, researchers, and product managers who are focused on new product and technology development.

Cordless innovation is the key to expanding market size, entering new markets, and accelerating growth. We fuel our brands with a continuous stream of innovative, value-added, demonstrably better new product. We believe in continually challenging accepted standards, exploiting, adapting, and improving technologies to create better products for higher-value brands.